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Schwarzwald, Germany
The Black Forest – heartfelt.refreshing.real.
Cuckoo clocks, Black Forest farmhouses and Black Forest gateau – the Black Forest, which is located where Germany meets France and Switzerland, is the epitome of a homely German holiday world. Yet it is also a modern cultural landscape, a huge leisure area, a Mecca for mountain-bikers and one of the largest hiking regions in Germany.
Sunny hillside vineyards alternate with green forested mountains and steep ravines with wide valleys. And 320 villages and towns, zoos, leisure parks and family parks can be found in between – with the Europa Park in Rust leading the way. Over 24,000 kilometres of hiking trails can be found in the holiday region, which spans a total of 11,100 square metres. Cyclists can enjoy a dense network of well-signposted cycle paths.
Thanks to the diverse landscape, the good cuisine, wines, beers and water, the region is considered to be "Germany's most beautiful region for connoisseurs". An excellent gourmet temple can be found in almost every town. Highly reputable Baden wines thrive on the western edge of the Black Forest; whilst outstanding health and beauty facilities also await connoisseurs. The "Wellness Stars" promise proven quality for thermal springs, hotels and medical establishments.
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Cuckoo , Black Forest gateau and courtyards - the Black Forest in the triangle with France and Switzerland is the epitome of a cozy German holiday world . But it is also modern cultural landscape , vast recreational area , a mecca for mountain bikers and one of the largest migrant areas in Germany

Tourist Attractions

Sports and leisure world, Bad Dürrheim, VR Black Forest, Germany
This 360 degree picture was created in the Kurpark. On the terrace you will find the opportunity to enjoy under the old trees either in the sun lounger, on typical garden seating or on a rustic seating set the sunbeams.
Feldberg Tower 360 Aerial Panorama, village Feldberg, 360 Black Forest, Germany
This 360-degree aerial photo of the Feldbergturm was created with the drone during the shooting to the Videoclip with Hansy Vogt. With the elevator you can easily reach the viewing platform in the 11th. Floor of the tower at 45 meters height. From the top you can admire a breathtaking panorama view from the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau to Zugspitze, the Mont Blanc Massif and the Vosges. The Feldbergturm, which until 2001 was the property of the Südwestrundfunkes and was used as Rundfunkturm, is since April 2003 in the possession of the municipality Feldberg. Already in the summer of 2003, the tower was opened to visitors. The Feldbergturm can be reached comfortably and in few minutes by the Feldbergbahn or on foot in approx. 40 minutes walking time (starting point: Haus der Natur in Feldberg-Ort).
Graffiti under the highway bridge, Lörracher Freewalls, 360 Black Forest, Germany
This 360 degree panorama was built under the highway bridge of Lörrach and shows an outdoor gallery over a length of almost one and a half kilometers for legal graffiti. Since mid-2010, sprayers and street artists of every generation have been skilfully designing their freewalls. The idea was developed by young local graffiti artists with the Lörrach Youth Parliament. A special part of the walls are used by renowned artists for pictures up to 20 meters high. This symbiosis has given the Bridge Gallery a supraregional recognition degree.
Childrens playground at Kolmenhof on the Danube river and St. Martinskapelle, Furtwangen, 360 Black Forest, Germany
This panorama shows the childrens playground at the Kolmenhof. Children are very welcome at the Kolmenhof and have a special place. This is why the guest house is specifically geared towards the younger guests. Whether favorite dishes and treats from the kitchen, childrens and babys equipment, special arrangements for families or employment and leisure activities for children. At Kolmenhof, children and their parents feel just about right.
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Popular Virtual Tours

St. Gallus Church , Upper Hamersbach , Black Forest, Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany ,
Google translation : The St. Gallus Church in Oberharmersbach in the Black Forest is built from 1839 to 1846 . As a building material it took local sandstone and opted for a church in the Romanesque Revival style. The nave is 57 meters long and 24 meters wide and 18 meters high, the tower is 63 meters high. The church was dedicated to St. Gallus ( 646-650 in Arbon, Switzerland ) He was a monk and missionary and worked mainly in the area of ​​Lake Constance . They say he was the founder of the city of St. Gallen. Oberharmersbach is located in the middle of the Black Forest in the valley of Harmersbachs . The area extends from Harmersbach in 280 meters to the summit of the head fire in the 945 meters above sea level. Nearly three- quarters of the area is forested.
Cathedral , St Blaise , Black Forest, Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany ,
Google translation : Cathedral of St. Blaise - The magnificent dome of the former Benedictine abbey church draws the viewer's gaze involuntarily up. How does a so majestic -looking church in the solitude of the forest Albtals ? This question can not be answered without the brilliant person and the builder of his spiritual worldview Abbot Martin Gerbert . Strongly influenced by the ideas of the French Enlightenment , which sought to replace faith in God through faith in reason , he tried to save the threatened cancellation of the Benedictine monastery after the catastrophic fire of the year in 1768. The construction of this cathedral was to be a stone that has become witness to the new era of intellectual history . A response to the Enlightenment in three ways: through its theological conception of the compatibility of faith and reason, the new neoclassical architecture, which allowed the religious building in the style of modernism, finally as a \ (H. Brommer )\n Less than 100 years later, in 1874 , the cathedral underwent again a severe fire disaster . 200 years after the consecration of today's interior design was created through a comprehensive restoration : The Rotunda shines in white marble , the pews and the organ at the end of the monk choir stand to the color contrast . The harmony and endless vistas of the interior is probably based on the regularity of proportions. The circular area corresponds to the central dome 36 meters in diameter with exactly the height from the floor to the apex of the dome. The columns that span the space as an inner shell , stand 18 meters up and support the dome as a hemisphere with a radius of 18 meters also . The choir in turn has a length of two times 18 equal to 36 meters. The outer dimensions are based on this harmony : the width of the facade of 50 meters is the height of the main ball , which in turn is 50 meters high. On the dome radiates visible from the golden orb with the cross, proclaimed by the time St. Blaise was still imperial abbey . (Source: www.dom -st- )
Ceramics Museum , Zell, Black Forest, Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany ,
Google translation : the production of high-quality ceramic dinnerware has masterfully machined in Gengenbach now an over 200-year tradition that is presented in the Museum of Ceramics Zeller to around 160 square meters of the public. Pursuing the concept of a representative and active museum. A large part deals with the artist Schmidt- Pecht from Constance , whose decor \ The original manuscripts of the Shareholders' Agreement by Georg Schmider , 1888 , price lists from the period around 1920 , as well as relief and wall plates, floor vases from the period after the Second World War provide an interesting cross -section of the company's history. Another part of the museum is dedicated to manufacturing . The Keramformer here explain their craft and issued the forms in their functions . The production processes are shown after 1950 , with original recordings . Under the theme \ Are exhibited next to masters for molds , patterns or bands as well as dishes that were decorated in a variety of decorative techniques . (Source Zeller Keramikmanufaktur )\n\n Holidays: 11 -16 Clock )\n Zeller Ceramics Museum • Main Street • 2 D- 77736 Gengenbach
Aparthotel Hochwald
In the spa city of Bad Liebenzell the family owned Aparthotel Hochwald is located. Surrounded by nature modern apartments await your visit. You can rely on self-catering or participate in a high-quality, domestic breakfast buffet. Already included is free Wi-Fi as well as the use of the Swimming Pool, Whirlpool, Sauna and Exercise room. Recreative moments are promised in the hotel's own Spa. You can either get a large range of wellness or therapeutic treatments. A lot of activities are in close range to the hotel. Bad Liebenzell has its own hot springs or the next golf course is less than two miles away.

Recently posted Virtual Tours

City Museum Pforzheim, 360 Schwarzwald, Germany
These 360-degree pictures were taken during the virtual reality project through the Black Forest. The Stadtmuseum Pforzheim is an interesting way to tell children and parents about the turbulent history of Pforzheim. The historical monument of the town museum includes the old parish church, the old school house, the vicarage, a lapidarium, several barns and an idyllic herb garden. Here there are plenty for children and parents to discover and experience. Goldsmiths and rafters On the ground floor of the Old School House of the City Museum, the families will be introduced to the traditional crafts in Pforzheim. Children and parents can be taken away in earlier times in fully preserved watchmaking and goldsmithing workshops. On the basis of models and Schautafeln they get an insight into the professions of the Gerber and Flößer. The families visit shoemaker, saddlery and brushwork workshops. Citizens of the city On the upper floor of the Stadtmuseum Pforzheim, children and parents in the department "living in town and country" admire facilities of citizens 'and farms' apartments. city ​​history In the parish church the most important events of the city history from the 12th to the 20th century are shown to the families. E.g. a classroom of a Latin school of the fifteenth century, sought by Melanchton and Reuchlin. The princely wedding of Margrave Charles I with Catherine of Austria in 1447 is impressive for children and parents. Topics such as plague and city fires are also presented. Destruction in the Second World War The upper floor of the Stadtmuseum Pforzheim is devoted to the destruction of the city in 1945. Here is also a cinema furnished, where the families watch films about the city history.
Museum Johannes Reuchlin, Pforzheim, 360 Black Forest, Germany
These 360-degree pictures were recorded in pforzheim. The Museum Johannes Reuchlin invites you to discover a humanist of European importance and his fascinating life. Johannes Reuchlin (1455-1522) called for dialogue between Christians, Jews and Muslims. He laid the foundations for the translation into German and became the pioneer of the Enlightenment. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe called it a "miracle-sign". The exhibition The Museum Johannes Reuchlin provides an insight into the language laboratory of the humanist and presents the media debate which led Reuchlin against the "dark men" on the threshold of modern times. Follow Reuchlin's moving life and "flip" you in his books and letters. Place of European humanism Reuchlin's valuable library was once preserved in a late-Gothic cultivation of the castle church, the Reuchlinkolleg. This place was already a sight in the 16th century. In 1922 the city set up a reuchlin museum. During the air attack on Pforzheim on February 23, 1945 Reuchlinkolleg and Reuchlinmuseum were totally destroyed. The new room The "Reuchlinkolleg" at the castle church was built in the years 2006-2008 by the friends of the castle church, V. rebuilt for the museum Johannes Reuchlin. The designs were provided by the architect Prof. Bernhard Hirche. Experience a space that combines historical traces and modern exhibition presentation in its architectural form. Each of the four exhibition areas has its own focus. The visitors are invited to climb up stairs from the ground floor to the fourth level or to use the interactive offer of the exhibition presentation. The pencil The museum also includes the "Stiftschor", which is spectacularly shaped by the tomb monuments of the Renaissance-era princely bathing house and a cycle of colored glass windows by Charles Crodel from the post-war period. The sound installation in the pinschor Since March 2016, you have been listening to the sound installation "Genesis" in Reuchlin's Hebrew grammar from 1518. In the combination of Renaissance sounds with the traditional cantor singing in the synagogue, Catalina Vincens's work contributes a musical contribution to the dialogue of cultures and religions.
Tourist-Information Pforzheim, 360 Black Forest, Germany
This panorama was taken in Pforzheim and shows the tourist information.
Helene Schaaf Cosmetics Institute, 360 Pforzheim, Germany
In addition to classical, cosmetic treatments and many other offers, our focus is on innovative anti-aging special treatments and aesthetic pre-treatment and after-treatment in plastic surgery. The highest level of hygiene, the ongoing training of our employees and sustainable cosmetics and care products form the foundation of our daily work. The treatments you have booked will be specially reserved for you. If it is not possible for you to meet an agreed date, we ask you to cancel it in time. So we have the possibility to offer the appointment to another guest. Many Thanks.