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Town Hall, Marktplace, Freudenstadt, Black Forrest, Baden Württemberg, Germany

Google Translation: The biggest marketplace built in Germany is located in Freudenstadt. Originally on the site of a castle should arise. Today, the square is the city's landmark joy. He is. Approx. 4.5 hectares in size and has the dimensions of 219 mx 216 m and is therefore almost quatratisch. The arcades called peripheral arcades are characteristic.
Freudenstadt is located in Baden-Württemberg, southwest of Stuttgart and south of Karlsruhe on a high plateau on the eastern edge of the northern Black Forest. It lies at an altitude above zero from 591 to 968 meters. She is a renowned spa resort and a traditional Black Forest town. Duke Friedrich I of Württemberg in 1599 founded the town. You should be residence of the Duchy of Württemberg. The Town Hall is located on the northern corner of the Freudenstadt'er marketplace. In the middle of the square is the town house in which the museum and the city library are housed. A memorial column next to the City Hall commemorates the reconstruction after the 2nd World War II. Popularly called the monument mortgage Venus.
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