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From the Museum in the Stadtgarten Walk in the footsteps of Nobel laureate Hermann Hesse through the picturesque inner city of Calw up to the steles in the Stadtgarten, where you can discover poems by Hesse and cityscapes from the past. 37 steles lead through the Hermann-Hesse-Weg Starting at the Hermann-Hesse-Museum, it goes over the picturesque market square, the historic city center to the adjoining city garden. The steles, which consist of both a historical part of the picture and a text section with quotations from Hesse's works, are divided into three areas: The first part contains quotations from the Gerbersauer stories, which provide information about how Hesse saw his city, the The second part in the Stadtgarten consists of selected poems, the third part again shows historical descriptions. The path goes over the memorial stone. Emil Schüz to the panorama trail with a beautiful view of Calw, on to the memorial stone of the economist Eugen Horlacher and the Schillerlinde. As early as 1870, many people from Stuttgart used the Royal Württemberg Black Forest Railway to go on a Sunday excursion to Calw. From the Old Train Station, they climbed up the Felsenweg to stop at the former Waldcafé and enjoy the beautiful view over the Nagoldtal and the city of Calw. The families Gundert and Hesse also took walks in this place. The Hermann-Hesse-Weg is a contribution of the association CALW to revive the Calwer Stadtgarten, which was once one of the first nature trails. In the Calwer Stadtwald above the city garden, the association has saved the scaffold, the stone bank and the Wölflesbrunnen from decay and installed a forest nature trail, which is constantly being supplemented. All this was done in volunteer work and through the funding of sponsors.
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