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Breg source Danube source 2, Black Forest, Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany

Google translation: North of the Black Forest town of Furtwangen is the source of the Breg. It is the most distant source of the Danube. To the mouth of the Black Sea, there are 2857 km from here. The source is located at Martin Chapel. The right to regard them as Donauquelle founded on the following geographical and hydrological considerations: In direct comparison to the Breg Brigach longer and richer in water. Their source is located at a height of 1078 meters above 0 highest. It is sich100 meters from the water divide between the Danube and the Rhine. Supposedly the Romans discovered the source of the Danube, this should be located according to the Prince Furstenberg next to your castle in Donaueschingen. Proof of this is not available. Later around the 18th Century gave the error. The 300-meter long "Danube river" was filled. 1882, the water source of the castle was run in a 80-meter long underground canal in the flowing past Brigach. The Swiss math professor Scheuchzer asserts the Danube springs from the Grisons region, meaning the source of the Inn as highest source of the River Danube. Also the source of Brigach was temporarily appointed to the highest spring Donauquelle. The different views were certainly mostly be local patriotically motivated and can not find general acceptance. Danube is known today as the beginning of the confluence of Breg and Brigach in the field Donaueschingen. The distance from there to the mouth of the Black Sea is 2,811 km.
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