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Park, Titisee , Black Forest, Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany ,

Google translation : a view from the spa to the same Mittelgebirgssee in Titisee Titisee . The lake is about Titisee 850 meters high , making it about with his 130 hectares and with its approximately Depth of 45 m one of the largest natural Mittelgebirgseen in Germany . It is fed by springs in the Feldberg massif. Lake Titisee is a drinking water reservoir under protection. It is home to numerous fish species . Motorboats are not allowed on the freshwater lake . Through its minimum bank buildings and the surroundings of the Titisee Feldberg massif is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world . It owes its origin to the last ice age . Until 10,000 years ago, a glacier extended from Feldberg to Titisee . The excavated from glacier basins and the terminal moraine form today Titisee . The Titisee is quite small, but has a wealth of infrastructure. These include many hotels and guest rooms, as well as numerous souvenir shops , cafes and restaurants. The lake road is the promenade of the Black Forest town and leads directly to the lake . From there, it then continues on the outskirts of the village beyond . On a paved road to reach the park on the waterfront of Lake Titisee . A pavilion with seating accommodates events. Colorful flowers adorn the paths of the park and benches invite you to linger . At the entrance area is a detailed replica of a Black Forest Mill in miniature.
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