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Nagolddam 1, Blackforest, Principality Baden Württemberg, Germany,

Google Translation: The Nagoldtalsperre was also called ore mine built by 1965 to 1970. It is used for flood protection and Aufhöhung of low water within the Nagoldtal. The dam was commissioned in 1971. 800 m above the storage root is a blocking system. The height above valley floor is 32.10 m, 35 m above foundation level, the crown structure is 552.1 meters high, the building volume is 311,000 cubic meters. The crown is 235 m long and 9.2 m wide. The reservoir has a surface area of 37.6 ha at Vollstauung. Its location in the middle of a 650-acre nature reserve in the middle of the Black Forest Baden Wuerttemberg make the dam with your dammed lake is a popular recreation area. The nearest town is Seewald-ore mine.
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