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Baseler Hof, Freiburg, Black Forest, Principality Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany,

Google Translation: The Emperor Joseph Street in Fribourg is the 15th- -Century late Gothic buildings Basler Hof. Today it beherrbergt the seat of the administrative district of Freiburg. The building is one of the last medieval buildings in Freiburg's old quarter. From 1480 acquires Konrad Stürzel, Court Chancellor of Emperor Maximilian I. seven contiguous farmsteads including standing on town houses on their plots, it can be built from 1494 to 1496 mansion.
This produces the largest Adelshof and secular Freiburg. It can be assumed that it is not in the Basel court to a new building. Dagen speaks located on a bay year 1416 as well as the different levels of floors. Furthermore there is a firewall on the corbel which completely separates the building. 1505 Hans Konrad Stürzel Wydyz responsible for his town house production of the Epiphany of the altar is today in the cathedral.

The canons of the Basel cathedral which had escaped from the effects of the Reformation in 1529 to Freiburg acquired the palace in 1587 and built him according to your wishes. The building was now up to 1678, the exile residence of the Basel cathedral chapter.

After 1677, the troops of Louis XIV Freiburg had taken and occupied, acknowledged this, the chapter is not as belonging to the diocese of Basel, neutral body. The income of the chapter were confiscated so that the canons left Freiburg and in 1678 in the diocese of Basel Arlesheim settled. Now the occupation forces also confiscated the Basler Hof. The Peace Treaty of Rijswijk was the House of Habsburg in 1697 returned the building. Henceforth, the palace was used by the Austrian authorities.

Maria Theresa split 1752 with the reorganization of the management of the Habsburg Empire, the forelands as autonomous province of Tyrol. 1759 to 1806 resided in Vienna, the appointed district president in Stürzel Palace. After the transition of Breisach to Baden Baden in 1806 moved into the administration building complex.

From 1933 to 1941, the Basel court was seat of the Secret State Police (Gestapo) of the Nazi regime. During the bombing in November 1944 the building was severely damaged. The reconstruction from 1950 to 1951 was fortunately taken the facade and get their medieval character.

From 1950 to 1952 the farm was the seat of the Ministry of Interior of the Government of South Baden. Today the Basler Hof's seat of the governor of the district of Freiburg.
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