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Schloss Schonau, Scheffel rooms, Trumpet Museum, Upper Rhine Museum, Bad Säckingen, Schwarzwld, Baden Württemberg, Germany

Google translation: Schloss Schonau, also Schönauer Castle, Castle Säckingen or Trompeterschlössl called. The castle was built already 1600-1680 by Hans Kaspar von Schonau. In the former castle of the lords of Schönau are three interesting collections to visit. The Upper Rhine Museum, founded by Emil Gersbach, it is under the auspices of the city government and shows the history of Bad Säckingen and the High Rhine Hotzenwald and Klettgau region. Exhibits include archaeological finds, pictures, maps and furniture. The bushel rooms reminding the stay of the poet and writer Joseph Victor von Scheffel and its activities as a legal intern in Bad Säckingen. In addition to official documents can be found portraits of the poet and various editions of his books, including the rare first edition of the epic poem Der Trompeter von Säckingen (1854). In 1985, the city of Bad Säckingen from Swiss collector Ernst W. acquired Buser his extensive trumpet museum, which is unique in Europe. This instrument collection includes the wide range of trumpet architecture over four centuries. An emphasis is placed on the chromaticism of the instrument in its various manifestations. In. 3 and fourth Upstairs is to see a well-structured archaeological collection from the Upper Rhine region. In the eight areas important finds of Pleistocene fauna, from the Stone Age, the Celts, Romans and Alemanni time are displayed. On display are equipment of Roman legionnaires and settlers, weapons and jewelery as grave goods of the early Alemanni. The name "Trompeterschlössl" recalls the marriage between the Civil Franz Werner Kirchhofer and Marie Ursula von Schonau in 17th Century. Schloss Schonau, Schönaugasse, 79713 Bad Säckingen, Tel .: +49 (0) 77 61-22 17
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