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In the historic city palace 'Haus Schüz', overlooking the Calwer Marktplatz and the birthplace of the poet, the Hermann Hesse Museum was housed in 1990. It shows the most extensive publicly issued collection on the 02. Born in Calw in July 1877 Nobel laureate in 1946. Hesse is regarded as the world 's most widely read German - language author of the 20th century. Century. In nine richly equipped rooms in the 2. On the upper floor, a great biographical arch is drawn up about the poet's life, work and impact history from the first literary attempts to "Steppenwolf" and "Glasperlenspiel". The painter Hesse is also represented with impressive pictures. Newly designed exhibition space in the 1. Floor of the building is the 2012 newly designed exhibition space for cabinet and gallery exhibitions. For the contemporary effect of Hesse and the current debate with the writer, a "scholarship room" has been set up for the almost 50 Hessestipendiaten so far. Visitors have the opportunity to read in the works of these authors and also to inform themselves in multimedia about the writers. For children and pupils of different age groups there is a quiz in the course of the redesign, with which knowledge about Hermann Hesse and his books can be worked out in a playful way. The remaining rooms have been converted into gallery spaces and offer space for the presentation of works of art and treasures from the city's collection collection. Further information on the premises of the Hermann Hesse Museum Special features in the museum The museum contains works by Hesse in first editions and rare later editions, manuscripts, drawings and watercolors by the poet and photos of his life's stations - especially in Calw. Original drawings by Prof. Gunter Böhmers on Hesse's life and work, but also the exploration of other artists by Hermann Hesse complete the exhibition. On the ground floor, the museum shop in the checkout room offers a rich selection of works by Hermann Hesse as well as secondary literature for sale. Audio guides for the biographical exhibition in German, English and Japanese are also available here.
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