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The builder of this magnificent town house from 1787 to 1791 is Johann Martin Vischer, who presided over the Dutch company Holz-Compagnie Calw. This company sold Black Forest wood to Holland and England. The timber trade was a very lucrative business, the boss of the company a rich man. And so he was able to hire the Stuttgart court architect Reinhard Ferdinand Heinrich Fischer for the construction of his new residential and commercial building in Bischofstraße. This house is the most magnificent palace in Calw and testifies in its dimensions and outward appearance of the wealth of its builder. On the interior, the builder put a lot of value and invested time and money. The most important rooms have been preserved with their wall decoration and their stuccoed ceilings and impressively convey the image of a »bourgeois house around 1800«. Emilie Vischer was born in the building in 1799, who later married Ludwig Uhland, a Swabian poet. In 1961, the palace was acquired by the city. It now houses the Museum of the City of Calw. Museum of the City The museum documents the rich history of the city with various collections and numerous exhibits. It shows Calw as the former economic center of Wuerttemberg, and introduces important personalities who came from Calw or worked here. Opening Hours April to October: Saturday and Sunday 2:00 to 5:00 pm November to March: closed The museum is closed on public holidays! Outside opening hours: Guided tours for groups by arrangement Costs: 60,00 Euro for a group of up to 15 people Public guided tours Museum walk through the trading house Costs: 2.00 Euro plus museum entry
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