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Hirsau Abbey - St. Peter and Paul - St. Mary s Chapel, Calw, Germany

The former monastery St. Peter and Paul is known far beyond the borders of Calw today. Whether culture enthusiasts or festival fans - the monastery buildings are the backdrop for a variety of events and offers for young and old. Historically valuable Already in 1091, the three-nave, exceptionally long church was consecrated and counted in the 11th century. Century with its basilica to the largest Romanesque churches in Germany. Even today, the imposing parts of the building can be visited in an exciting monastery tour and let the time for the visitors one day to be experienced again. Become a historian and learn about the life as a monk in a Benedictine monastery in the adjacent monastery museum and what structural and structural changes the monastery has experienced over the years. By the way, there is an exclusive monastery route for all hikers through the Northern Black Forest with the monasteries Alpirsbach, Hirsau and Maulbronn. Lots of music and long summer nights Not only the past history makes Hirsau Monastery one of the highlights in Calw. Out of the former "Hirsauer Klosterspiele", the now well-known Calwer has become a monastery summer - with a wide range of artists. Whether pop or classical music, the impressive scenery makes every concert a very special experience. Enjoy acoustic treats under the stars and celebrate together in the summer. And for all movie fans, the Sommerkino turns the historic site into an outdoor cinema during the warmer months and features well-known and popular movies. Our tip: Take your time and spend a whole day exploring everything around the famous monastery in Hirsau. It is worth it!
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