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City Church, Freudenstadt, Black Forest, Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany

Google Translation: At the southern corner of the square stands the town church. She is a church angle and thus one of the two churches located in Germany with this plan. The church is a special corner of the church building. Here are another two naves perpendicular. The altar is in these churches in angle and facing two aisles. The Freudenstadt town church was designed for its corner location on the marketplace as Freudenstädter angle Church. Here in planning the proposed equality of religions was considered. In May 1601, the foundation stone was laid. The town church was probably designed by Elias Gunzenhäuser which are other buildings on Freudenstädter marketplace designed. The inauguration date is not known. The first recorded sermon was made on 01.05.1608 by Pastor Andreas Veringer. In the 19th century, the sexes were separated from each other when Kirchenggang. They had each other during the preaching, no eye contact. With the exception of the pastor who could see in both aisles. For this reason, the aisles are today still like to be called Mr and Mrs ship ship.
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