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church St.Cyriak, Furtwangen, Black Forrest, Baden Württemberg, Germany

Google translation: The History of the Church of St. Cyriak can be traced back to the year the 1179th Pope Alexander III. confirmed then the Monastery of St. Georgen his possessions, rights and income. Among them is also "Furtwangen including church". Furtwangen but will be considerably older, especially since it has already been a church.

From 1483 on had the Pfarrverweser, a Benedictine monk, resident at the site, was responsible for the pastoral care of the Monastery of St. Georgen. Not until 1806, after the secularization of the monastery, which had its headquarters since the Reformation in Villingen, the Furtwangen pastor came from the diocese of Constance and since 1827 from the Archdiocese of Freiburg.

On size, appearance or features of the first Furtwanger Church there are no reliable sources. In the years 1733 to 1734 is reported by a new building of the church had become too small, which includes parts of the original church were used. The new church was equipped with a Baroque high altar of the former Benedictine church in Villingen by Anton Josef Schupp. On 10 January 1743 the tower fell with four bells and the clock tower of a fire, which was caused by a severe winter storm, the victim. The reconstruction was done already in the following year after a design by building inspector Steinwarz from Donaueschingen. Four new bells in the bell foundry Rosenlächer made constancy. The new clock tower was the work of the watchmaker Lorenz Bob from Furtwangen. On 15 July 1747 were consecrated church and altar by Auxiliary Bishop Francis Carol Fugger of Kirchberg.

By another, even worse catastrophic fire on 23 June 1857 the church burned down completely, including towers. The entire inventory, bells, clock tower and especially the organ of Master Martin Blessing were destroyed by the flames.

A complete renovation of the parish church in the Romanesque Revival style, and based on a basilica was built by the architect devil in the years 1859 to 1861. With its 52-meter-tall, slender tower, the church has since become the center and architectural landmark of the city Furtwangen.

Throughout the turbulent history the Church of St. Cyriak was renovated between 1912 and 1936 and rebuilt from 1968 to 1972 and substantially upgraded. The church was expanded to include a weekday chapel and a new sacristy. Unfortunately went with the liturgical renewal following the Second Vatican Council, some characteristic of the church pieces, including the valuable organ of Master Martin Brown from Spaichingen and the majestic Romanesque altarpiece of the brothers Moroder from Offenburg - a foundation of Maria Duffner Furtwangen - lost. Unfortunately, the portrayal of the church's patron St. Cyriak listed as missing. Only photographs from that time testify to the original expression of the church interior. Today, the liturgy takes place in a simple style, but the artist's massive main altar of St. Francis Gutmann Trudbert, who also designed the ambo, tabernacle and baptismal font in accordance with the requirements of the time. Stoup and Paschal candle, both made of bronze works, created the Furtwangen artist Hubert Rieber.

The recent renovation of 1997 in December 2005 under the late Reverend Josef Beha has the classic proportions of the neo-Romanesque interior again brought to bear and with a subtle, understated color enlivens the new architecture. The interior of the church is now comprised of a harmonious coexistence of old and new works of art. Where possible, after careful restoration, the remaining faithful to the original in the old parish stocks were reintegrated into the church.

The parish church of St. Cyriak located in the heart of the city Furtwangen in the Black Forest (880 m). The parish currently has about 4600 members of the community.

The parish includes the chapel at Pius Katzensteig and the nursing home chapel in the nursing home St. Cyriak.

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